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Set in a private nature reserve spread over 500 square miles of Kenya’s last remaining wilderness frontier, Sabache is more than just a beautiful tented safari camp. It is a model ecotourism project that strives to show “an intact habitat is worth more than one developed”.


Because Sabache is 100% owned, operated by, and benefits the local indigenous Samburu community, it is a pioneer in sustainable community-based ecotourism and is committed to environmentally sound practices. By staying at Sabache, guests support conservation of the African wilderness and provide direct employment and income to more than 145 families in the area.


Breathtaking sunset views over the Matthews range and Samburu Plains, traditional African and European dining, and a tranquil setting at the base of the Sacred mountain O’lolokwe; experience a unique and authentic African Safari.


Few places in East Africa can match the natural, untouched wilderness setting and natural ecology of Sabache. With exclusive access to nearly 500 square miles of some of the most pristine East African wilderness, guests are ensured a very private and personal safari experience and a rare opportunity to experience the Kenyan wilderness as it once was. 

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